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Driver CPC Training

Real training, not box ticking.

The Institute of Vehicle Recovery looked closely at the requirements of the Driver CPC and concluded that there was a close link between the requirements of the DCPC and the National Training Scheme. Following the successful application to JAUPT to become a training provider, IVR (TS) Limited can offer DCPC training at a great saving to the rescue & recovery sector.

The saving is due to the DCPC lesson plans being directly linked to the National Training Scheme, this enables a customer to add National Training Scheme requirements to the DCPC requirements - the result being that staff achieve both the DCPC and National Training Scheme qualification simultaneously, which reduces the cost to the employer.

How is it delivered?

Courses and training centres must be approved by Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) on behalf of the Competent Authority for the delivery of periodic training. The content, title and method of delivery of each training course are looked at during the approval process. There are no tests or exams involved but training centres will be required to evaluate each course to ensure that those attending have benefited from the training that they have received.

Who is affected by the requirements for periodic training? Who does DCPC apply to?

DCPC applies to all new and existing drivers who wish to drive professionally and who require an LGV or PCV licence to do their job.

Below are two examples of how, by using the VR modules, you can achieve the full 35 hours required for Driver CPC

Light Recovery

VR1 Health & Safety & VR2 Customer Service Skills - 7 hours

VR3 Roadside Assessment - 7 hours

VR5 Spec/2nd Car Lift - 7 hours

VR6 Transporters - 7 hours

VR7 Advanced Light Winching - 7 hours

VR17 Lorry Loader - 7 hours

Heavy Recovery

VR1 Health & Safety & VR2 Customer Service Skills - 7 hours

VR3 Roadside Assessment - 7 hours

VR13 Underlift Units (Heavy Recovery) - 7 hours

VR15 Heavy Transporters & Low Loaders - 7 hours

VR16 Advanced Heavy Winching - 7 hours

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