Vehicle Recovery Training IVR

Foden Recovery

The ex-military Foden GS 6X6 is an outstanding recovery vehicle.

As most will know, it served for many years with the British Army in many different, difficult & dangerous situations around the world.

It's Lifting, Winching & Recovery versatility needs no introduction especially with soldiers (REME & Engineering units) who served using this incredibly capable equipment to its limits.

We at THTS recognise the popularity of the vehicle & its uses in civilian recovery situations, understanding its functionality & purpose.

We offer training, instruction & certification on the use of the Foden recovery vehicle specific to our customers needs & requirements.

Additionally, if IVR (Institute of Vehicle Recovery) certification is required this can also be accommodated conveniently using the modules VR16 Advanced Heavy Winching Techniques (CPC applicable) & VR20 Rotating Recovery Appliances. Course duration is 3 days

Foden Recovery Crane lifting a Van Foden Vehicle Recovery Truck Parked
Foden Vehicle Recovery Truck Parked in Yard

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