Vehicle Recovery Training IVR

Motorcycle Recovery Training

The Training is designed to be carried out using your equipment to aid full familiarisation, course numbers limited to 4 persons to maximise 'on the equipment' experience.

The below modules are most often aquired by the trainee as a package of 4 modules (Subject to requirements) over 2 full days of training & examination, however a combination of just 2 from the four modules can be achieved over 1 day duration.


The VR8 Module covers the handling & recovery of motorcycles. It prepares Recovery Operators in the Safe & Professional handling of motorcycle recovery to avoid personal injury and damage to the casualty vehicle. (It is mandatory that this module is achieved as a platform for the other motorcycle modules (VR9,10 & 11).


The VR9 Module deals with the use of Ancillary Equipment to aid in the recovery of motorcycles. In this module Recovery Operators learn about the different types of Ancillary Equipment, such as dedicated Trailers, 'Bump-lok' cradles & specialist purpose built 'Razorback' Vans etc.


The VR10 Module regards the use of Spectacle Frames to recover motorcycles. In this module, Recovery Operators become familiar with the use of 'Spec Lift' vehicles both transverse & longitudinal motorcycle carriers are covered.


The VR11 Module deals with the use of Slidebed type Transporters to carry out motorcycle recovery. Utilising 'Bump-Lok' type wheel cradle ancilliary equipment.

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